MSTP Students

The Duke Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP), conducted under the auspices of the Duke University Graduate School and the Duke University School of Medicine, trains highly qualified students as physician-scientists, equipping them for solving problems in human disease using the approaches and techniques of the basic biomedical and social sciences. The program, which leads to both the MD and PhD degrees and typically takes seven to eight years for completion, combines graduate education in a basic biomedical science with the full clinical curriculum of the School of Medicine. Students choose from any of the PhD degree granting programs and adhere to those program requirements.
For MD/PhD (MSTP) students affiliating with UPGG course requirements:

  • 1 year of UPGEN 716,
  • 1 year of UPGEN 750
  • BioTrain 720-Grant Writing in the Fall of rising GS2
  • Total 7 credits