Professor in Medicine

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Dr. Hauser has a strong interest in ocular genetics. Genomic studies at the Center for Human Genetics have identified multiple linkage peaks and susceptibility genes in primary open angle glaucoma (POAG) and age related macular degeneration (AMD). Dr. Hauser has recently accepted a 20% appointment at the Singapore Eye Research INstitute and the Duke/National University of Singapore.&nbsp; In collaboration with multiple collaborators in Singapore, and&nbsp;Dr. Rand Allingham at the Duke Eye Center, Dr. Hauser is currently conducting a genome wide association study&nbsp;for glaucoma in individuals of African ancestry. These investigations include large datasets collected in Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br />&nbsp; <br />Dr. Hauser is also involved in collaborative investigations into the genetics of post-tramatic stress disorder in US veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Major collaborators include Dr. Allison Ashley Koch, Dr. Jean Beckham, Dr. Christine Marx and the MIRECC Collaborative group at the Durham Veteran's Administration.&nbsp;&nbsp;We have published a genome wide association study, as well as numerous investigations into candidate genes.&nbsp; Epigenomic DNA methylation analysis and gene expression analysis of 3500 individuals is currently ongoing.&nbsp;