Who We Are:

We are campus-affiliated group and a committee under UPGG, so all Duke graduate students are welcome to join and UPGG students are encouraged to get involved. There is no mandatory time commitment- you get out what you put in. Ways you can get involved include: developing lesson plans, implementing lesson plans, writing tests,  and fostering communication between community organizations through writing, meetings, and any other medium you're comfortable with. We communicate mostly via e-mail and google docs, with occasional in-person meetings. If you'd like to join, please e-mail

Current Members (active in 2015-2016):

Chien-Kuang Ding

Cullen Roth

Emily Miller

George Green

Jon Hibshman

Karl Guo

Katie Ritz

Katharine Korunes

Jon Kastan

Molly Matty*

Stephen Siecinski 

Eva Hum

Amanda Cox

Kaila Pianalto

Jennifer Kwon

Emily Bowie


Previous members:

Alex Broussard

Ben Cox

Dan Keeley

Dionna Gamble

Jennifer Gredler

Kyla Selvig

Katie Walzer

Megan Aldrup-MacDonald

Tony Burnetti 

Victoria Carpenter

Monica Gutierrez