UPGG Required Courses

UPGEN 701- Advanced Topics in Genetics and Genomics - Year 1 Fall and Spring

Year 1, FALL and SPRING

UPGEN 702 - Writing Grant Proposals-  Year 2 Fall or Biology 706 -  Grant Writing Year 2 (Offered in Spring Only)

Year 2, FALL

UPGEN 716 - Student Research Seminar Series  Biweekly  Fall and Spring-Required for year 1 & 2

Biweekly FALL & SPRING

UPGEN 750 - Genetics Seminar Course (Tuesday Seminar Series) - Weekly Fall and Spring-Required year 1 & 2


UPGEN 778A-F - Genetics and Genomics Solutions to Biological Problems -Year 1 & 2 Fall

Fall 2019 Syllabus


Year 1 & 2, FALL



UPGEN 716 is the UPGG student seminar course.  Every other Friday two UPGG students  present their current research in the form of  30 min seminars.  All second year students are required to present and the remaining presentation slots are filled with senior UPGG  students.    While attendance is mandatory for first and second year UPGG students, more senior students and participating UPGG faculty are also encouraged to attend the presentations.  This is an excellent forum for students to hone their presentation skills and hear about the latest research from their peers.