Arielle Fogel

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Jenny Tung
Evolutionary Anthropology
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Biological Sciences Building 023
Arielle Fogel
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I am generally interested in the intersection between evolutionary genetics and behavioral ecology. I received my B.A. in Biology (Concentration in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) from the University of Pennsylvania in 2014 and came to Duke in 2016 to continue my training as an evolutionary biologist. In the Tung Lab, I am using a well-studied wild population of yellow and hybrid baboons in Kenya to understand the causes and consequences of hybridization - the process of interbreeding between genetically distinct taxa - in the wild. To do so, I am analyzing long-term behavioral, demographic, and ecological data in combination with newly generated genomic data and cutting-edge genomic methods and analysis.
baseball, football, hiking, anything outdoors, coffee, classic rock and 80s-90s music