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Tuesday Seminar Series

Time: 12:30-1:30
Place: Room 147, Nanaline Duke

schedule added 08/07/13






09/03/13 Jeff Smith Vanderbilt University

"An Expressed Retrogene of a Master Embryonic Stem Cell Factor Alters Prostate Cancer Susceptibility"

Joe Heitman


Micah Luftig

Duke University

"Studies at the oncogenic virus/host interface: Dynamic regulation of Epstein-Barr virus-mediated B cell immortalization"

Alejandro Aballay
09/17/13 Charles Gersbach Duke University "Custom Redesign of the Human Genome with Engineered DNA-Binding Proteins" Greg Crawford/Beth Sullivan
09/24/13 Lawrence David

Duke University "Daily dynamics of human-associated microbiota" Doug Marchuk
10/01/13 Peter Philippsen University of Basel "A very strange yeast: Too long cells and no intention to divide" Joe Heitman
10/08/13 Trudy Mackay North Carolina State University "Charting the Genotype-Phenotype map: Lessons from Drosophila" Pelin Volkan
10/22/13 No Seminar
10/29/13 David Sacks NIH National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases "Sexual Reproduction in Leishmania" Joe Heitman
11/05/13 Neal Silverman University of Massachusetts Medical School "Learning on the fly: Innate Immune Recognition and Signal Transduction in Drosophila" Alejandro Aballay
11/12/13 Steve Finkel University of Southern California "Mechanisms of Long-term Survival and Evolution of Bacteria" Paul Magwene
11/19/13 Christina Cuomo Broad Institute "Connecting Genotype to Phenotype in clinical isolates of Candida albicans" Joe Heitman
12/03/13 Jennifer Gerton Stowers Institute "SMC complexes, nucleolar function, and human disease" Tom Petes
12/10/13 Stacy Horner Duke University "Intracellular membrane signaling platforms regulate innate immunity to HCV" Beth Sullivan
12/17/13 Matthew Wolf Duke University "Modeling human cardiomyopathies in Drosophila" Doug Marchuk
01/07/14 Xin Chen Johns Hopkins University "Epigenetic regulation of Drosophila male germline stem cell lineage" Don Fox

Chris Sassetti

University of Massachusetts Medical School "It takes two to tango: both host and pathogen contribute to tuberculosis disease" David Tobin
01/21/14 Dan Voytas University of Minnesota "Precise engineering of genomes with sequence-specific nucleases" Meng Chen
01/28/14 Daniel MacArthur Harvard Medical School "Functional annotation at scale: interpreting protein-coding genetic variants from over 50,000 humans" David Goldstein
02/04/14 Stephen Schaeffer Penn State University "Evolutionary genomics of chromosomal inversions in Drosophila pseudoobscura" Mohamed Noor
02/11/14 Greg Crawford Duke University "Beyond the sequence: Learning how the genome functions in development, disease, evolution and in response to the environment" Doug Marchuk
02/18/14 David Schneider Stanford University "Warping disease space to improve recovery from infections" Alejandro Aballay
02/25/14 Ed Green University of California, Santa Cruz "Recent human evolution as revealed by Neandertals." Jenny Tung
03/04/14 Karen Mohlke

UNC-Chapel Hill "Insulin processing and secretion: genes, variants and mechanisms" John Rawls
03/18/14 Anastasia Litvintseva Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-- Mycotic Diseases Branch "Public Health Aspects of Mycology" Tom Mitchell

Steve Henikoff
* DLS Speaker

103 Bryan Research Auditorium


Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center "Epigenomic landscaping at basepair resolution" Amy Schmid/Keely Dulmage
04/01/14 Danielle Garsin University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston "Inter-Kingdom Interactions of Enterococcus faecalis" Alejandro Aballay
No Seminar
04/15/14 Richard Kolodner University of California, San Diego TBA Sue Jinks-Robertson/Roketa Sloan
04/22/14 Nancy Moran University of Texas, Austin "Genomic Erosion in Symbiotic Bacteria" Jessie Uehling/Rytas Vilgalys
04/29/14 John Leong Tufts University TBA Dennis Ko
05/06/14 Stefano Di Talia Duke University "Control of cell division and cell differentiation during embryonic development" Blanche Capel


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