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Tuesday Seminar Series

Time: 12:30-1:30
Place: Room 147, Nanaline Duke

Schedule added 05/08/14. Updated 10/20/14.






September 9, 2014 Raphael Valdivia Duke University Developing tools for the genetic analysis of 'genetically intractable' microbes Alejandro Aballay

September 16

Paul Maddox

UNC-Chapel Hill

Measuring Epigenetic Regulation of Centromeric Chromatin Don Fox
September 23 David Stern Janelia Farm Research Campus How transcriptional enhancers confer regulatory specificity and robustness, and a few words on the evolution of courtship behavior in Drosophila Pelin Volkan
September 30 Eda Yildirim Duke University Balancing X-chromosome Dosage and its Impact on Cancer Blanche Capel
October 7 Anna Stepanova North Carolina State University Auxin biosynthesis: a geneticist's perspective Joe Heitman
October 21 Lila Solnica-Krezel Washington University in St. Louis General Analysis of Gastrulation in Zebrafish Michel Bagnat
October 28 Kenneth Belanger Colgate University The FG-repeat domain of the yeast nucleoporin Nup100 is necessary for Msn5-mediated nuclear protein export Doug Marchuk
November 4 Joshua M. Kaplan Harvard Using C. elegans to study psychiatric disorders Alejandro Aballay
November 11 Katia Koelle Duke University Examining the interplay between viral evolution and disease spread Jenny Tung
November 18 Hua Lou Case Western Reserve University Role of non-degradative ubiquitin signaling in RNA biology Jack Keene
December 2 Russ Carstens University of Pennsylvania Knockout mice reveal an essential role for Epithelial splicing regulatory proteins (Esrps) in mammalian development and epithelial cell functions Jack Keene
January 13 Mike Levine University of California Berkeley   Ryan Baugh
January 20 Lisa Ellerby Buck Institute for Research on Aging   Dennis Thiele
January 27 Yves Pommier National Cancer Institute Center of Cancer Research   Sue Jinks-Robertson
February 3 Ted Weinert

University of Arizona

  Steve Haase/Tina Kelliher
February 10 John Schimenti Cornell University   Blanche Capel
February 17 Mary Armanios Johns Hopkins University   Micah Luftig
February 24 M. Celeste Simon University of Pennsylvania   Ashley Chi/Melissa Keenan
March 3 Luis Barreiro

University of Montreal

  Jenny Tung
March 10 Ulrich Mueller The Scripps Research Institute   Debby Silver
March 24      
March 31 Nancy Maizels
University of Washington   Sue Jinks-Robertson
April 7 Chris Sassetti University of Massachusetts Medical School   David Tobin
April 14

Michael Welte

University of Rochester   Amy Bejsovec/Nick Rizzo
April 21 Yishi Jin University of California, San Diego   Dong Yan
April 28

Seminar Cancelled

Seminar Cancelled    
May 12 John McCutcheon University of Montana  

John Rawls


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