UPGG Alumni

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Class First name Last name Location Position
2006 Viles Kristi Duke Translational Research Institute Project Leader
2006 Choi Murim Seoul National University Assistant Professor
2006 Westmoreland Tammy Duke University Medical Center Resident Physician
2006 Hartman Zachary Duke University Assistant Professor
2005 Lassiter Christopher Roanoke College Assistant professor
2005 Rampersaud Evadnie Hussman Institute for Human Genetics Genetic Epidemiologist
2005 Zawistowski Jon University of North Carolina Postdoc
2005 Levesque Mitchell Max-Planx Institute Assistant Professor
2005 Speck Olga University of North Carolina Medical School Resident
2005 Nimjee Shahid Ohio State Vascular Neurosurgeon
2004 Tanner Alice UNC-Greensboro Pursuing a degree in Genetic Counseling
2004 Brown Candice University of California-Davis Postdoctoral Fellow, Dept. of Neurobiology
2004 Persaud Dixie-Ann NIHNIEHS in RTP Postdoctoral Fellow
2004 Blankenship Jill Carnegie Mellon University Postdoctoral Fellow
2004 Kniskern Joel University of Chicago Postdoctoral Fellow Joy Bergelson Lab,
2004 Carlson Kerri University of St. Thomas Clinical Faculty
2004 May Scott Salk Institute Postdoctoral Fellow Dennis O'Leary
2004 Williams Verietta Greensboro, NC Resident, Moses Cone Hospital
2003 Kotowski Ingrid US Dept. of Agriculture Case Manager, Sanitary Trade Issues
2003 Hahn Matthew Indiana University Assoc. Professor, Dept. of Biology,
2003 Smulders-Srinivasan Tora Northumbria University Independent Research Scientist
2002 Huang Erich Duke Univetsity, Medical Center Asst. Professor, Dept. of Surgery
2002 Genova Jenn Improvision, Inc. Technical sales representative
2002 Jeffrey Marcus Western Kentucky University Asst. Professor, Dept. of Biology,
2002 Jingwei Meng IUPUI Scientist