Tuesday Seminar Series

Time: 12:30-1:30
Place: Room 147, Nanaline Duke


Date Speaker Institution Seminar Title Host
Sep 13 2016 Victor Ambros University of Massachusetts Medical School “MicroRNA Pathways in Animal Development” Ryan Baugh
Sep 20 2016 Ken Kosik University of California, Santa Barbara Early Decisions in Neural Fate Determination Debby Silver
Sep 27 2016 Erica Larschan Brown University X-marks the spot: Targeting dosage compensation to the Drosophila X-chromosome. Don Fox
Oct 4 2016 Owen McMillan Smithsonian Tropics Research Institute, Panama "Complex modular architecture around a simple toolkit of butterfly wing pattern genes” Greg Wray
Oct 18 2016 Courtney Karner Duke University “Glutamine metabolism and bone formation” Michel Bagnat
Oct 25 2016 Liam Holt New York University Langone Medical Center Biology's special sauce: Regulation in the crowded cell Nick Buchler
Nov 8 2016 Luciano Marraffini Rockefeller University CRISPR-Cas: the adaptive immune system of prokaryotes Joe Heitman
Nov 15 2016 Sarah Fortune Harvard University School of Public Health Probing the basis of heterogeneity in M. tuberculosis infection outcomes David Tobin
Nov 22 2016 Purushothama Rao Tata Duke University “Oncogenic and ontogenic pathways act in concert to regulate tumor cell plasticity and heterogeneity” Ken Poss
Nov 29 2016 Aneil Agrawal University of Toronto Experimental studies on mutation rate and selection in Drosophila Katharine Korunes & Katie Ritz
Dec 6 2016 Sarah Tishkoff University of Pennsylvania Genomic Studies of Adaptation to diverse Environments in Africa Jenny Tung
Jan 10 2017 Cecilia Lo -Cancelled University of Pittsburg School of Medicine Congenital heart disease: is it a ciliopathy? Sarah Goetz
Jan 24 2017 Perry Blackshear NIEHS Modulating tristetraprolin (TTP) levels and sequence in the control of inflammation Jack Keene
Jan 31 2017 James Alvarez Duke University Mechanisms of Dormant Tumor Cell Survival and Recurrence. Donald Fox
Feb 7 2017 Hyejung Won University of California, Los Angeles “Chromosome conformation during human neurogenesis identifies the mechanism for brain disease and evolution” MGM Group