Tuesday Seminar Series

Time: 12:30-1:30
Place: Room 147, Nanaline Duke


Date Speaker Institution Seminar Title Host
Jan 19 2016 John Moran HHMI/ University of Michigan “Studies of a Human Transposable Element” Doug Marchuk
Jan 26 2016 Yukiko Yamashita HHMI/ University of Michigan “asymmetric stem cell division in tissue homeostasis” Donald Fox
Feb 2 2016 Mike Laub MIT ‘Specificity and Evolution of Protein-Protein Interactions’ Nicholas Buchler
Feb 9 2016 Jason Stajich University of California, Riverside Genome evolution in early branching fungi: exploring genomic consequences of changes in lifestyles and morphology. Fred Dietrich
Feb 16 2016 Jay Dunlap Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth Genetic and Molecular Dissection of a Simple Circadian System Tina Kelliher/Steve Haase
Feb 23 2016 Martin Kupiec University of Tel Aviv and visiting Berkeley Nature, nurture, and telomere length Tom Petes
Mar 1 2016 Benjamin Tu University of Texas, Southwestern Metabolic Regulation of Epigenetics Jen-Tsan Ashley Chi
Mar 15 2016 Ulrike Heberlein (Cancelled for March 15, 2016) Janelia Research Campus Genetic, molecular and neural underpinnings of social experience in Drosophila Kevin Schoenfelder/ Donald Fox
Mar 22 2016 Ramesh Shivdasani Harvard University, Medical School Epigenetic and transcriptional control of tissue differentiation John Rawls
Mar 29 2016 Michael Nachman University of California, Berkeley The genetic basis of speciation and adaptation in house mice Jenny Tung
Apr 5 2016 Dana Carroll University of Utah Genome Editing with Designer Nucleases Tom Petes
Apr 19 2016 Igor Brodsky University of Pennsylvania Cell Death Signaling Pathways in the Response against Bacterial Pathogens Joern Coers
Apr 26 2016 Richard M. Amasino University of Wisconsin- Madison How plants remember winter: regulation of flowering by environmental cues Kathleen Donohue
May 1 2016 Fall 2016 Coming Soon UPGG
Sep 6 2016 Xiling Shen Duke University Spatiotemporal regulation of cancer and stem cells Greg Crawford